Here you will find updates from the SCDM 2019 Annual Conference Session Chairs and Co-Chairs. We look forward to sharing the conference highlights with you!

September 2019

Gayle Flynn

The session features a training session, followed by an escape room activity where you will join a clinical project team consisting of zombie apocalypse survivors on a mission to break the blind of a promising double blind clinical trial for Fixabrain.

Yashpalsinh Raj

Yashpalsinh Raj discusses the  journey of Real World Data to become Real World Evidence through different aspects but not limited to Data Governance, Understanding and Implementing Regulatory Framework, Use of Technology, Stake Holder engagement and SWOT Analysis.

Bryan Farrow

Bryan Farrow discusses the specific KPIs for a variety of trial types, from fast-enrolling Phase IIs, where data speed is critical, to large, endpoint-driven Phase IIIs, where patient recruitment largely determines timelines.

September 10, 2019

SCDM 2019 Webinar

Interested in knowing more what the 25th anniversary annual conference has in store for you? Not convinced yet that this is an opportunity not to be missed? Join our webinar and discover the ins and outs from the conference leaders directly.

eSource Round-Table Discussions

Demetris Zambas

Amy Nordo

Interviews with Amy Nordo and Demetris Zambas, sharing their thoughts and preparing you to a very insightful discussion during the Session 34 at the SCDM 2019 Annual conference.“eSource Lessons Learned and Remaining Challenges Roundtable Discussion”

This roundtable will allow for open discussion led by some of the industry experts on eSource. The goal of this meeting is to level set the understanding of eSource and move towards a shared vision of the future.

January 2019

Debra Jendrasek

Debra Jendrasek gives an exciting update on the annual conference in Baltimore. Bringing back the extremely popular ignite session. 5 speakers will share key information on something they have created within their organisation that help tackle day-to-day issues in data management. These speakers will peak your interest in just 10 minutes and entice you to learn more.

Sangeet Kumar

Sangeet Kumar discusses bountiful possibilities that new technology can bring to clinical trials. Furthermore how data can be utilised in conjunction with this technology to create further benefits.

Stephen Cameron

Senior data manager at Clinical Data Management PRA Health Sciences, Stephen Cameron and his panel of experienced guests aim to discuss all they know on virtual trials and their own personal experiences.

Abby Abraham

Abby Abraham the VP of Data Analytics and Risk Based Monitoring at OmniComm Systems uses his 20 years of experience to discuss the clinical research shifts in recent years. Abby goes on to discuss where these key changes are being felt the most and the challenges that brings about for current RBM systems.

Debra Jendrasek

Presenters in this session will be showcasing case studies on Risk Based Study Execution (RBX) and will give you some of the information needed to move to RBX in your company.

July 2019

In a Patient-Centered Trial Where Do You Store All That Data?

Keith Howells of Omnicomm introduces the concept of patient-centered trial and many more sources of data, including eConsent, patient diaries and mHealth devices. The podcast highlights the challenges and decisions organizations will face with the concept.

01:30 PM – 03:00 PM on Tuesday, October 1

RBM Advancement in the Changing Clinical Research Paradigm

Abby Abraham, VP  of Data Analytics and Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) at OmniComm System, discusses the evolution of RBI over the last seven years and the changes that have derived from this such as: Virtual Clinical trials and digitization of clinical research processes. In addition, Abby will discuss the objectives for the future of re-pivoting the position of RBM as it becomes the new normal in clinical study.

03:30 PM – 05:00 PM on Tuesday, October 1

June 2019


Our 2019 Conference Co-Chair, Alex Bragat, shares a very special memory of his first conference, which took place in Dallas back in 2008. Listen to this podcast to discover more and share your own memories!

January 2019


Our Conference Co-Chair, Dawn Kaminski, shares her experience as a session chair by highlighting the perks of getting involved in the program.


MacKenzie Tweardy, winner of SCDM 2018 People’s Choice Award, shares her insights about an innovative one-stop shop tool developed by AbbVie’s Clinical Analytics Team that enables centralized review through both preformatted and customizable visualizations on a study by study basis.

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM on Monday, September 30.