A Poster Presentation is the display of scientific research on a large-scale (42 inches x 84 inches) poster, which is exhibited throughout the event on a board in the poster area.

Two dedicated poster presentation sessions will take place on Monday, September 29 at 03:15 PM – 04:00 PM and 05:30 PM – 06:15 PM during which presenters will be present at their poster board to discuss their poster with the judges and delegates.

Do you need a guideline for your Poster? Find here an example.

A jury of experts will select the winners of the three best posters, which will be awarded as follows:

  •  1st prize – $300
  • 2nd prize – $200
  • 3rd prize – $100


Monday, October 30 | 03:15 PM – 04:00 PM
PO01 | Advantage of the Decision of Quality Objectives Required by QMS After Risk Identification/Evaluation
Hidenobu Kondo, Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) Consultant, Tohoku University School of Medicine
PO02 | Evaluation of ECRIN Requirements in ISO 9001 QMS Certification for Clinical Data Center
Munenori Takata, Senior Lecture, Clinical Trial Data Center, Tohoku University Hospital
PO03 | The Effectiveness of Remote Risk-Based Monitoring Compared to On-Site Monitoring with 100% SDV
Osamu Yamada, P.h.D Student, Tohoku University
PO04 | Quality Control in Clinical Dictionary
Paul Ackermann, Senior Support Analyst, GlaxoSmithKline
PO05 | Survey on Understanding and Perception of eConsent among Clinical Trialists in Japan
Hiroko YaegashiTohoku University Graduate School of Medicine/A2 Healthcare Corporation
Monday, October 30 | 05:30 PM – 06:15 PM
PO06 | To Assess Acceptability, and Feasibility of Utilizing the eSource in Comparison with the Traditional EDC Workflow
Yerramalli SubramaniamCliniOps Inc
PO07 | Improving Patient Engagement with the Electronic Informed Consent (eIC) Platform for Clinical Trials: An Operational Model and Suite of Tools for Consent Authoring, Obtaining Informed Consent, and Managing Consent Documents
Michael Buckley, Manager of Enterprise Innovation, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
PO08 | Centralized Monitoring Dashboard: Real-Time Eligibility and Compliance Monitoring
Cathleen Jewell, P.h.D, Clinical Analytics Manager in Data Sciences, AbbVie


Alexander Bragat, Director, Clinical Research DataCore, NYU Langone Medical Centre 

Richard F. Ittenbach, Professor of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre 

Susan Howard, Director, Data Management, Adaptimmune LLC 

SCDM would like to equally thank Paidion Research, Inc. for sponsoring the Poster Presentation Awards. Paidion Research, Inc. is a clinical research organization (CRO) focused solely on pediatrics and specializing in NICU and PICU populations (neonatal and pediatric intensive care). Headquartered in Durham, NC, they combine pediatric clinical pharmacology expertise with innovative pediatric regulatory strategies and trial methodologies to provide best-in-class service to drug development partners in industry, government, academia and nonprofits.

For more about the company, visit their website www.paidionresearch.com or email [email protected].