Throughout the years, SCDM Annual Conference has been growing and growing, becoming the World’s No. 1 Clinical Data Management Conference.

Inspire. Interact. Innovate.

The SCDM Annual Conference is an unforgettable professional experience, offering you unrivalled opportunities to discover cutting-edge solutions and best practices in the Clinical Data Management industry. Our objective is to guarantee progress in the healthcare sector, advancing our members and participants’ goals worldwide.

Every year, experts from all over the world gather at the Conference to share a common passion for CDM. The event inspires attendees to bring a new perspective to their careers, workplaces and the wider industry.

20th Anniversary Gala Dinner 2014

Networking Reception 2018

Attendees feelings

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    SCDM Annual Conference is like a Home Coming. This group offers close relationships to be formed that last a lifetime. An atmosphere of openness, help and candid feedback is unlike any professional gathering. I have thoroughly enjoyed the conferences over the years and strongly recommend you to join our Data family. Welcome home!

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    Even after 16 years in CDM, when I think I’ve seen it all, the Annual SCDM conference proves me wrong. I learn something new and excited every time I attend! The conference keeps my CDM fire lit and motivates me to light a fire for CDM in others! Can’t wait for Baltimore already!

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    SCDM is for anyone who enjoys changes in the way they work. Who keep looking for ways to better the process, who dream of things that people debate and who believe in what they think.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and would definitely recommend anybody with a passion in Data Management to attend. There was so much shared that the potential to learn something new was a guarantee. What I can definitely say for certain is that I came away with more knowledge than when I started.

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We love travelling

It has been now 25 years since this journey started and the network that SCDM has created is invaluable.
Together, we have discovered new locations, new cultures, new dreams. SCDM and the Annual Conference grows thanks to our dedicated volunteers and thanks to you.

We cannot wait to explore new places and share more memories in the future!

Do you remember?

2011, Baltimore

2014, Las Vegas

2015, Washington

2016, San Diego